Cat Facilities

Our recently expanded and refurbished Sutton surgery now allows for both separate cat and dog waiting rooms, consultation rooms and wards. Our dedicated feline hospitalisation and isolation wards are located in quiet parts of the building away from the hustle and bustle of daily practice life.

We have excellent, modern diagnostic facilities and equipment enabling us to thoroughly investigate and treat feline diseases. Our Vets and Nurses undergo regular professional training to keep up to date with developments in feline medicine and surgery.

Our staff are knowledgeable and trained in feline health and behaviour and we promise to handle your cat in a calm, gentle and empathetic manner.

We know the idea of visiting the vet can be very stressful for a cat. We provide advice on catching your cat at home to bring to the surgery, travelling by car, carrying your cat in its basket and reintroducing a cat back home after a period of hospitalisation.

Our new surgery layout allows us to make sure your cat is as comfortable as possible. We have already experienced benefits such as; calmer cats during consultations, more reliable clinical information such as blood pressure and glucose measurements and quicker recovery times from illness and or surgery.

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