Hospitalisation Facilities

We provide a caring and comfortable environment for every pet when they stay at the surgery.

After admission to the hospital, your pet will be settled into the appropriate ward area by one of our dedicated ward nurses. Alongside the vet, these nurses will look after your pet throughout their stay attending to all their needs, including lots of TLC!

To ensure every pet feels safe and secure, we have separate dog and cat wards at each of our surgeries. We also have further ward areas for animals with infectious diseases and chemotherapy patients. Additionally, critically ill patients are hospitalised at our Sutton surgery, where we can provide 24 hour intensive care.

Although our vets will telephone you daily whilst your pet is in hospital, please feel free to telephone our ward nurse for an update. It is usually possible to arrange for you to visit your pet whilst it is hospitalised. Please discuss this with your vet who will advise you of visiting hours.

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