Our in-house laboratory benefits from the latest state of the art equipment, which we regularly update, to enable our vets to get a wide range of diagnostic test results back quickly and efficiently. Although every patient undergoing blood tests may benefit from quick results, it is particularly important to those patients that are either critically ill or admitted as an emergency.

At Wingrave we recommend a full health screen, including blood tests, on the day of a patient’s anaesthetic to ensure the safety of your pet.

Our in-house laboratory diagnostics are also used for monitoring response to treatments, chronic conditions, diagnosing acute illnesses and for general health checks. When more specialised diagnostic tests are required, appropriate samples are sent to selected external laboratories which we have used for over 20 years.

Our vets and nurses often use the microscopes to examine samples of blood, urine, skin and other tissues for abnormal cells, parasites, infections, etc.

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