Amy Reygate

Amy joined the Wingrave team in August 2013. Prior to this Amy studied for a national diploma in Animal Management at Nescot college, Ewell, whilst working in a pet shop at the weekends.

Amy  started at Wingrave as a student nurse, before changing to a role as part time receptionist. The change in roles allows her to combine her love of working with animals with another job which fulfills her other passion of computers! Whilst she enjoys all parts of the job, the most rewarding part is seeing inpatients make a full recovery and get re-united with their owners.

She has a yellow Labrador called Roxie as well as a host of rescued ex- battery hens!

Joanne Norman

Joanne worked for a pet insurance company for several years after working in a vets practice. She got a puppy in June 2015, called Dottie, and this made her realise how much she missed meeting and chatting with owners and their pets. Joanne was delighted when she was offered a job with us in January 2016.

Joanne particularly enjoys meeting and making a fuss of all the pets that visit us and hearing all the client’s pet stories!

Joanne lives with Dottie, her Cockapoo, two rescue cats; Rosie and Jim, a very noisy 90 year old Tortoise, a Leopard Gecko and two Dumbo Rats: Basil and Steward

Hazel Loughran

Hazel joined Wingrave in January 2014, having previous experience both within the NHS and in schools, and was thrilled to be able to merge this experience with her lifelong love of animals.

Hazel particularly enjoys talking with clients and hearing about their pets and often having the chance to make a big fuss of the pets that visit too!

Hazel has owned a variety of pets over the years, including tortoises for many years which she find really fascinating. Hazel and her family have also recently been adopted by a stray cat called No-tail – due to the fact that she of course has no tail!

Pauline Sykes

Pauline joined the practice in February 2008. She had already gained a lot of reception work experience and was thrilled to accept the job with us as she could still deal with clients but now also work with animals.

She adores all cats and dogs and loves meeting all our owners and their pets. Pauline finds the most exciting part of the job, is never knowing what the day will bring, as every day is different.

As well as working on reception, Pauline also helps Fran with the processing of our insurance claims.

She owns a cat called Roxy, a Shihtzu called Alfie and a very playful Cockapoo called Molly.

Helen Barnett

Helen joined the practice in March 2008. She had been working in London and had decided to take the plunge to satisfy her lifelong ambition to work with animals. So she was really pleased to be offered a job with us.

She loves working at Wingrave and describes her job of meeting all the pets and chatting to their owners as ‘definitely the best job she has ever had’!

Helen owns two rescue Dachshunds called Romeo and Coco along with an elderly cat called Suki.

Sheila Chandler

Sheila joined Wingrave in November 2012. Having worked as a veterinary receptionist many years ago, she was delighted to be able to combine her love of animals with work once again.

Sheila loves to speak with clients and learn about their pets as well as see the improvement in their pets when they come in for treatment.

She owns a black and white cat who goes by the name of Vinnie and was rescued from Battersea Dogs & Cat home in 2010.

Lindy Pearce

Having completed a canine studies course at Nescot College, Ewell, Lindy joined Wingrave in 2000.

She is interested in all kinds of animals and loves to swap tales with clients – Lindy loves to help clients wherever possible.

A mine of general information regarding local pet services, she likes to keep up to date with pet products which clients may find useful, including maintaining our current list of kennels and catteries, dog trainers, groomers, etc.

Lindy’s passion for animals certainly does not stop at work, as her extensive collection of pets demonstrates. Lindy currently has a Giant Schnauzer (who has represented her breed at Crufts!), two Airedales, two cats, five rabbits, four guinea pigs, two chickens, two quails, a tortoise and a tank of catfish!

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